Marco Mottana

Co-Founder of CFX Quantum Ltd Trader, Money Manager, Trainer
After graduating in Business Administration at Hartford University, Marco Mottana Co-Founded FORINVEST in 1987, as the first company to introduce Technical Analysis in Italy. He was the co-founder of the first newsstand magazine entirely dedicated to investments and of the Italian Society of Technical Analysts, SIAT, then associated with IFTA. Author of two best-selling books on Technical Analysis and Successful Investing (Iposa and Sperling & Kupfer). He is both teacher and trainer on investing techniques for over one thousand people, mostly professionals. In 2018 he launched the CFX project with the intent to change the way of interacting between customers and professional money managers.

Alessandro Borra

CTO of CFX Quantum Ltd
Cybernetics, forensic, security expert
With a degree in physics from Milan University, he specialized in cybernetics. One of the most renowned Italian professionals working in the Forensics sector, consultant and witness for the Milan Court for digital forensics. He is a deep expert of technology on multiple devices, a cybersecurity expert, GDPR specialist, and an expert in assessment of vulnerability of software systems, penetration tests, and anti-hacking procedures.