General Conditions for the purchase of ZEROONE

Last material update: 21 January 2021

Art. 1. Introduction. Interpretation.

These General Conditions govern the relations between the company Zero One R.M. Ltd (the “Company”) – 25 Hill Street, Mayfair London, W1J 5LW, United Kingdom Company Number: 13129470, a fully owned subsidiary of CFX Quantum Ltd reg. 12727786- and any person who has correctly completed the application and registration procedure for the purchase of ZEROONE and any product and service connected to it from Zero One R.M. Ltd through the website or by any other method designated by the Company (“Client”) and carried out as specified below.

For the purposes of the general conditions, please note that Zero One R.M. Ltd. is a company that operates in the field of Fintech, which offers the ZEROONE System.

The Company has developed a system called “ZEROONE” through which one can exploit the advantages and new opportunities of the new digital economy. This system offers the possibility of obtaining monthly pluses while minimizing risks. The General Conditions are an integral and substantial part of the Form through which Zero One R.M. Ltd and the Client complete the purchase of ZEROONE.

These General Conditions may be amended/updated from time to time by Zero One R.M. Ltd., which will communicate these changes through the normal communication channels that one can find on the site.

The conditions under which the Company acts are hereby established through this document, which includes and incorporates also the information questionnaire on the crypto-asset, the white paper, and any other attachment necessary for the purchase of “ZEROONE”.

Art.2. Pre-contractual information.

The Client declares to have read and understood, prior to purchase, all the documents included in the product proposal called “ZEROONE”. In particular, the client confirms that they have read, understood and accepted the conditions of this Agreement, the information questionnaire on crypto-asset, the white-paper and the privacy policy.

Art.3. Object of the agreement.

The object of this Agreement is the transfer to the client, who accepts and buys, of the “ZEROONE” system assuming all responsibilities and related risks, in particular those deriving from possible damage or losses.

By purchasing “ZEROONE”, as there are no qualifying elements for the definition of investment of a financial nature and, therefore, not being an investment, a currency, a security, a commodity or any type of financial instrument, the client is aware of purchasing only and exclusively tokens that are immobilized with a specific procedure on their Wallet.

Please note that ZEROONE is connected to the Ethereum blockchain without this blockchain being under the direct or indirect control of Zero One R.M. Ltd.

By accepting these conditions, the Client declares to have read and understood that:
  • The ZEROONE Token (ticker ZONE) can be bought or sold anytime at the discretion of the Client but only on the CFX Wallet;
  • By “freezing” with a process called “Staking” the desired quantity of “ZEROONE” (may be all or part) product purchased it can be obtained a premium at every calendar month end.
  • When the ZEROONE are under Staking, they are immobilized into a “Smart Contract” with no possible intervention of Company or Client, that is they cannot be moved or sold in any way.
  • The Staking is reversible with a process called “Redeem” at any time any day. By inputting the amount to be redeemed in the “Staking” page of the wallet, Redeem tab, and clicking “Redeem”, the Smart Contract will “unfreeze” the tokens and put them into the customer Wallet free to move and to sell. The process will take 24 hours from the click on Redeem button.
  • Upon completion of every calendar month of Staking, the Smart Contract managing the  procedures of ZEROONE will automatically assign ONLY to the staked amount of ZEROONE an additional quantity of the same tokens, ie a plus identified in a variable percentage of more “ZEROONE” tokens , following this table:

ZEROONERange 1Range 2Range 3Range 4Range 5Range 6
From1,000 €3,000 €10,000 €25,000 €50,000 €100,000 €
To2,999 €9,999 €24,999 €49,999 €100,000 €999,000 €
  • The plus is assigned only to “Staked” Zeroone. The Zeroone left free in the Client’s Wallet will not get any plus.
  • The quantity of ZEROONE under staking can be changed anytime.
  • The Premium will be available only to Wallets with the Staked Zeroone at the end of month. If the ZEROONE are Redeemed before end of month the premium for that calendar month will not be issued.
  • There is no limit in the number of calendar months the ZEROONE can be kept freezed with Staking option.
  • If the ZEROONE are Redeemed in the first two calendar months of Staking there will be an EXIT fee, that is for the first calendar month 0.6%, for the second calendar month 0.3%.
  • From end of third calendar month of continuous staking, the EXIT fee will be the 0.1% as partial expense recovery.
  • The Plus obtained from ZEROONE Staking will be issued Free on the Client’s Wallet the very last day of every calendar Month and the Client will be free to decide if it has to be Staked or not.
  • The Client accepts and acknowledges that “ZEROONE” cannot be qualified as a financial product and its purchase is in no way comparable to investment activities of a financial nature, therefore, the client is aware that they will not be able to enjoy the protections and guarantees provided for the latter and that they will not proceed with the purchase of ZEROONE for speculative purposes.

Art.4. Stipulation of the Agreement.

This contract is considered finalized when the user accepts the offer of the ZEROONE product and proceeds to pay the relative share of the ZEROONE product purchased.

The Client is aware that once the purchase of ZEROONE has been confirmed, Zero One R.M. Ltd will be able to begin the procedure for transferring the Tokens to the Wallet.

The Client knowingly and expressly accepts that, once the purchase is confirmed, they will no longer be able to cancel the transaction, also expressly agreeing that all transfers are final without any possibility of reimbursement. By the way, Clients can still sell ZEROONE anytime by undergoing the specific procedure.

Art.5. Liability and limitation of liability.

Zero One R.M. Ltd ensures that the ZEROONE Token system is absolutely legitimate.

The Client acknowledges that the operations performed, and the operations made available by Zero One R.M. Ltd involve various risks, including the risk of interruptions, disturbances, suspensions, failures, malfunctions, or non-functioning of the system, telephone, or electronic systems at Zero One R.M. Ltd or third parties connected to the Company’s system.

Zero One R.M. Ltd, in any case, is not responsible for the failure to execute orders due to inability to operate deriving from causes not attributable to the same or, in any case, delays due to malfunctioning on the portals, failure or irregular transmission of information or causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, delays or drops in the computer system that powers the Service or other problems due to interruptions, suspensions, failures, malfunctions or non-functioning of telephone or electronic systems, or deriving from force majeure events.

Furthermore, Zero One R.M. Ltd assumes no responsibility for losses and damages that may arise from the crypto-asset performed by the Client, any recourse and compensation claims for damages are not allowed.

Zero One R.M. Ltd is also not responsible for the harmful consequences that may result from the abusive or illicit use of the data line by unauthorized third parties.

Zero One R.M. Ltd assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, and topicality of data, especially those regarding the value, crypto-asset analyses, and other information concerning cryptocurrency transactions made available by third parties.

Furthermore, Zero One R.M. Ltd will not be liable for damages, losses and costs incurred by the user as a result of the non-execution of the agreement for reasons not attributable to the same.

Zero One R.M. Ltd also does not assume any responsibility for any fraudulent or illegal use by third parties of the means of payment for the payment of ZEROONE, if it proves that it has adopted all possible precautions based on the current best practices and due diligence.

Furthermore, the Client is the only one responsible for the correctness of the information contained in their subscription.

Furthermore, the Client expressly declares that the purchase of ZEROONE is not aimed at carrying out money laundering and terrorist financing, expressly exempting Zero One R.M. Ltd and CFX Quantum Ltd from any criminal activity carried out by the same.

The Client, by accepting this agreement, declares to have received and read all the information regarding ZEROONE, to be aware of their own risks deriving from crypto-asset, in particular those deriving from possible abrupt changes in the valuations and trading of tokens or crypto-currencies.

The Client, by accepting this agreement, declares to have proceeded with the purchase of ZEROONE only after having acquired adequate knowledge of the product, its operation and the risks related to it. The Client acknowledges and accepts that Zero One R.M. Ltd may derogate from the technical procedures provided for in this Agreement, on the basis of its professional judgment and upon notice provided on the Site.

The Client is aware that ZEROONE is not a financial product and its purchase is in no way comparable to investment activities of a financial nature, therefore, they will not be able to enjoy the protections and guarantees provided for the latter.

Art.6. Client statements on operations and risks.

The Client declares to have received and read the information questionnaire on crypto-asset, the white-paper, to be informed about their rights under the legislation on privacy, and to be aware of the risks related to the crypto-asset, in particular those deriving from any abrupt changes in performance.

The Client undertakes to use the services referred to in this agreement with due diligence, acquiring prior knowledge of their characteristics and methods of correct use, expressly declaring that the acceptance of the services provided by Zero One R.M. Ltd represents a precise and free will, expressly manifesting that they have not been subjected to any pressure or solicitation to request its execution and expressly indemnifying Zero One R.M. Ltd and CFX Quantum Ltd for the information contained in the website and in the White Paper or regarding the data information relating to the trend and rules of the crypto-asset, which are not understood by the same.

The Client is aware that the website and the white paper contain only general information and should not be construed as a recommendation to participate in the purchase or use of ZEROONE, as all information contained therein, with the exception of historical and factual information, represent forward-looking statements.

Zero One R.M. Ltd assumes no responsibility with respect to the foregoing statements as they are based on current estimates and projections, which involve certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ significantly from those of the forward-looking statements.

The Client acknowledges and expressly accepts that the aforementioned risks and uncertainties include issues relating to: rapidly evolving technology and evolving standards in the fields in which the company operates; the ability to continue operations, exploit new businesses profitably, license, and sign new agreements.

The Client acknowledges that any changes in the organization and regulation of the crypto asset may result in operational limitations in this agreement.

The Client declares and guarantees that every transaction and obligation, deriving from this agreement, remains binding and enforceable according to the conditions expressed therein even if, with respect to their status, they have signed it in violation of the provisions of any legislation, regulation, order, responsibility, code of professional conduct or agreement by which they are bound.

The Client acknowledges and expressly accepts the fees and expenses that will be charged to them, also accepting that any tax and/or contribution charges that are (or will be in the future) introduced according to operations, financial position, and account reporting referable to the crypto assets covered by the agreement, will be charged to the same.

Art. 7. Amendments to the agreement.

The Client acknowledges that any modification of the regulations in force regarding crypto assets may also have an effect on the provisions of this agreement and that, if the same is, in whole or in part, in conflict with the current legislation, the latter will have precedence and will prevail over any conflicting disposition.

Zero One R.M. Ltd may, for legitimate reasons, unilaterally make changes to this agreement.

These amendments will be communicated to the Client electronically, on the Zero One R.M. Ltd or CFX Quantum Ltd website in the part available to the public and not reserved.

The communication will be considered received alternatively:

  • when the Client connects to the Zero One R.M. Ltd / CFX Quantum Ltd website by logging in regularly in the reserved area;
  • in any case, after 30 days from publication on the Zero One R.M. Ltd / CFX Quantum Ltd website.
Within 30 days of receiving the communication, the Client will have the right to withdraw from the Agreement.

Art.8. Lawful termination of the contract.

All obligations previously assumed by the client, as well as the guarantee of successful completion of payment made by the same, are essential and relevant, so that the client’s failure to comply with only one of them will result in the immediate lawful termination of the agreement.

Art.9. Consent to the processing of personal data.

Zero One R.M. Ltd / CFX Quantum Ltd protects the privacy of its clients and guarantees that data processing complies with the provisions of national and supranational privacy legislation as well as the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

The user will be able to exercise the rights under the privacy legislation by sending an email to [email protected]

Art.10. Applicable law. Jurisdiction.

This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the law in whose jurisdiction the registered office of Zero One R.M. Ltd. is located.

The parties, therefore, expressly accept that for any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising from or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation, the judicial authority in whose jurisdiction the registered office of Zero One R.M. Ltd is located is exclusively competent, except, if necessary, in the cases provided for by the legislation on Consumption.

Art.11. Final clauses.

The parties declare that they have read these general terms and conditions.

The obligations and commitments deriving from these general conditions (which by their nature have effect even after the expiration, termination, or withdrawal from the agreement) will remain valid and effective even after that date until their satisfaction.

It is also specified that the client who has expressed, in point and click mode, their consent to these conditions, declares to have well understood, acknowledge, and expressly approve the following: the text contained in articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11; their obligations, any charges, and prejudices; they declare to share the content of the aforementioned text as prepared by Zero One R.M. Ltd and to accept it unconditionally, so that they consciously accept and approve it as a whole, together with the information questionnaire on the crypto-asset, the white-paper, the processing of their personal data and the provisions governing the procedures for registration, access, navigation and use of the Zero One R.M. Ltd / CFX Quantum Ltd website.