ZEROONE a disruptive concept with Fujitsu Digital Annealer

CFX Quantum, in collaboration with the prestigious University Research Centre of Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, has created a mathematical formula for the Digital Annealer Chip to allow arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies and other assets.

The light speed calculations and transmission of orders creates a unique opportunity.

Zero Risk Trading*

How can this be possible? As appeared on Yahoo Finance, the same assets are bought and sold at the same time on different markets, gaining small percentages every time. This technique is widely used by brokers and exchanges, but the speed of the pre-quantum chip allows for unprecedented results.

* It should be noted that “zero risk” is a way of saying “the lowest possible risk”, since in any transaction there is always a risk, however small, due for example to unforeseeable events external to the transaction itself.

The “Zone” Token and the “Staking”

Thanks to the successful launch of CFXQ Token, CFX quantum created the ZEROONE service, only for CFXQ subscribers, by launching ZONE, a Token with a fixed value of one Euro, that can be “frozen” with the emerging method of Decentralized Finance: the “Staking”, such as a Blockchain transaction that guarantees all the participants.

“Staking” means a voluntary freezing of your tokens for a period of time, so that you can obtain a bonus in tokens of 1% every month.

How does it work?

Once you open your CFX Quantum Zeroone Wallet, you purchase a small amount of CFXQ tokens and the ZONE token in the desired size.

With two clicks you can lock your ZONE tokens and at the end of each month you will receive the 1% bonus in ZONE tokens.

When you wish, you may unlock your Zones again with two clicks and sell them for a fixed value of one Euro within 36 hours.

Without obligation, we will guide you into the world of ZEROONE.

The service is accessible only to those who have an ATS Ambassador Referral code (present in the link that led to this page). If you don’t have it, you can find it here …………………………….

your data will be used for the sole purpose of managing the service.

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